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FINRA Expungement Expert Witness: A Primer on Expungements Through FINRA Arbitration Process

By: Daniel Mattei   Learn how and why FINRA expungement expert witnesses can assist in investor expungement proceedings in front of an arbitration panel. I.               Introduction: The CRD and BrokerCheck The Central Registration Depository (“CRD”), is a database maintained by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”). The CRD contains information about securities firms and individual… read more

Gamma Knife Expert: Definitions, Uses and Treatment

By: Stephen Saris, M.D. What is a Gamma Knife? The Gamma Knife is a medical device that focuses a very large amount of radiation on a lesion in the brain to shrink or destroy it. How does the Gamma Knife work? The best way to understand the Gamma Knife is to image an entertainer on… read more

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