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Chiropractic Expert Witness on Cervical Artery Stroke & Chiropractic Cervical Spine Manipulation

Steven Brown, DC, CICE, Dipl Ac When presented with a case of cervical artery stroke allegedly associated with Chiropractic cervical spine manipulation, malpractice attorneys often want to argue direct causation. Research studies have found that a direct cause and effect relationship between cervical spine manipulation and cervical artery stroke is not established. Malpractice attorneys should… read more

Steel Erection Expert Witness: Why Should Ironworkers Tie Off?

By Homer R. Peterson II, P.E., CSP Introduction Ironworkers have the fifth highest fatality rate (33.4 per 100,000 workers) of any United States civilian worker classification. (This is according to 2017 data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.) Ironworkers who fall while tied off suffer dramatically fewer fatalities and serious injuries. OSHA Requirements… read more

The Biggest Mistakes Lawyers Make When Dealing with Expert Witnesses

By Steven Babitsky, Esq. Expert witnesses play an integral part in most litigated cases. Even experienced trial attorneys make common mistakes in their dealings with their retained expert witnesses. The most common mistakes lawyers make may include: 1. Not Retaining the Experts Early On in the Case Counsel who retain their experts after deciding on their… read more

Expert Witness Liability Limited

A federal appeals court (4th circuit) held that expert witnesses are protected by the witness litigation privilege even when they act with malice or ill-will. The court followed the Briscoe Supreme Court case going so far to say: “The witness had an absolute privilege and the plaintiff could not recover even if the witness knew… read more

Conveyor Expert on Standards and Risk Assessments in Conveyor Injury Cases

By: Mark Webster MSME, PE Introduction The most recent edition of the ASME Safety Standards for Conveyors and Related Equipment, AMSE B20.1-2015, now contains a paragraph addressing the need for a formal risk assessment for conveyors and conveyor systems. This article explains the need for risk assessment for conveyors, what the standard recommends, references to… read more

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