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Chiropractic Cervical Spine Manipulation & Vertebrobasilar Artery Stroke: A Mechanism of Direct Causation

Steven Brown, DC, CICE, Dipl Ac  For many years, it was considered dogma among clinicians and physicians that Chiropractic cervical spine manipulation could cause vertebral artery dissection and resultant vertebrobasilar artery stroke. However, research does not support a causal link between Chiropractic cervical spine manipulation and vertebral artery dissection. Thus, a medico-legal argument that includes… read more

Using Expert Witnesses to Address Standard of Care in Medical Malpractice Cases

How do attorneys in medical malpractice cases prove the standards of care through expert witnesses? In their article Locking in Standards of Care (Trial Magazine, August 2019), attorneys Christian C. Mester and Michael J. Winkelman recommend the following techniques: 1. Ask the right questions of medical experts to lock them down on the standards of… read more


Can opposing counsel require an expert witness to produce his 1099s as part of a discovery request? In Estate of Jackson v. Billingslea, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan ordered an accident reconstruction expert to produce 1099’s for himself and his business. Jackson involved deaths resulting from a speed police… read more

Gamma Knife Expert: Definitions, Uses and Treatment

By: Stephen Saris, M.D. What is a Gamma Knife? The Gamma Knife is a medical device that focuses a very large amount of radiation on a lesion in the brain to shrink or destroy it. How does the Gamma Knife work? The best way to understand the Gamma Knife is to image an entertainer on… read more

Concussion Expert Witness: Definition and Diagnosis

By: Stephen Saris, M.D. Over the past decade, allegations of concussion have become commonplace in personal injury claims. I would estimate that they occur in 20% of the hundreds of slip/fall and vehicular cases that I have reviewed during that time. A concussion expert can review the pertinent information, usually gleaned from the first 24… read more

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