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Gamma Knife Expert: Definitions, Uses and Treatment

By: Stephen Saris, M.D. What is a Gamma Knife? The Gamma Knife is a medical device that focuses a very large amount of radiation on a lesion in the brain to shrink or destroy it. How does the Gamma Knife work? The best way to understand the Gamma Knife is to image an entertainer on… read more

Concussion Expert Witness: Definition and Diagnosis

By: Stephen Saris, M.D. Over the past decade, allegations of concussion have become commonplace in personal injury claims. I would estimate that they occur in 20% of the hundreds of slip/fall and vehicular cases that I have reviewed during that time. A concussion expert can review the pertinent information, usually gleaned from the first 24… read more

Root Cause Analysis by Expert Witnesses

Root cause analysis is frequently employed by litigants and expert witnesses to help them determine the root causes of accidents, IT failures, medical malpractice, etc. An excellent article “The Purpose, Process, and Protection of a Post-Accident Root Cause Analysis” appeared in the July 2019 issue of In the Defense. The authors, as the title suggests,… read more

Expert Witness Disciplinary History

Can counsel use evidence of an expert witness’s professional disciplinary history to challenge the expert’s credibility? The Indiana Supreme Court in Tunstall v. Manning, No. 195-CT-18 (Indiana Sup. Ct. June 26, 2019), said a limited yes. The Supreme Court held that the defendant in a personal injury action should have been able to introduce evidence… read more

Daubert and the Significance of Scientific Literature

How important is scientific literature in a Daubert challenge? In Wendt v. Bowerman, No. 343612 (Mich. Ct. App. June 11, 2019), the Michigan Court of Appeals upheld the trial court’s decision to exclude the testimony of an expert whose opinions were unsupported by scientific literature, a decision which led to summary judgment in favor of… read more

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