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Wearable Device Expert Witness: Here come the Hearables

By Dr. Chris Daft First, the Wearables Wearables – small electronic devices worn next to clothing to record personal data – have insinuated themselves into the lives of millions of people. After Google Glass, Fitbit and the Apple Watch, the marketplace has become crowded and designs are maturing. Capabilities such as the ability to measure… read more

New Standard for Scientific Certainty

The National Commission on Forensic Science has called for the attorney general of the United States to replace the term of “reasonable degree of certainty.”  According to the National Commission:        There is no common definition of reasonable certainty. Therefor whether convinced as “scientific certainty” or [discipline] certainty the term is idiosyncratic to the witness. … read more

Multi-touch / Touchscreens Expert Witness: A Brief Prior Art History of Multi-touch, Touchscreens, and Multi-Touch Gestures

By Jean Renard Ward Multi-Touch touchscreen technology may be at issue in patent litigation.  In such cases, a multi-touch touchscreen expert witness may be utilized.  The evolutionary history of this technology may be an important fact during multi-touch touchscreen patent litigation. Because of Android smartphones and the iPhone and iPod touch, nearly everyone knows about… read more

Touchscreen Gestures Expert Witness: A Brief History of the Development of Touchscreen Gesturing on Tablets, Smartphones and Other Devices

By Jean Renard Ward Nowadays, everyone is familiar with gestures on touchscreens from using their smartphone or tablet: gestures such as slide, pinch-to-zoom, swipe (or flick), twist, and press-and-hold (or long press). Smartphones with touchscreens and gestures started taking off with the Apple iPod Touch and iPhone in 2007.  But the technical art of gestures… read more

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