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Physician Consultant Fees

Steven Babitsky, Esq. One of the most frequent questions I am asked by physicians when I teach How to Start, Build, and Run a Successful Consulting Practice is: How much should I charge? Setting fees is always a challenge for physician consultants. Here are the criteria physicians should consider when setting their fee: Qualifications Are… read more

How Much Do Physician Consultants Earn?

Steven Babitsky, Esq. The average physician consultant earns $379,550 with a salary range of $247,892-$519,724 according to the Economic Research Institute. This report is based on salary surveys conducted by ERI. The report defines the job summary/description as follows: Provides a range of consulting services to other doctors and health care facilities, including patient care… read more

Are You a “Difficult” Expert Witness?

Trial lawyers are writing about and teaching other lawyers how to cross-examine “difficult” expert witnesses. “Difficult” expert witnesses are identified as experts who may be likeable, persuasive, arrogant, combative, or aggressive. Attorney Lynn P. Pruitt and Lauren S. Grinder writing in the January 2020 issue For the Defense made these suggestions: Prepare, prepare, and prepare…. read more

101 Million Dollar Verdict: Medical Malpractice

How many expert witnesses does it take to present a serious medical malpractice claim? A Chicago Cook County jury awarded the record-breaking verdict for the family of 5 year old, Gerald, who suffers from severe brain damage. The mother, who was diagnosed with preeclampsia, had to wait several hours before she was placed on a… read more

Expert Charging $1850 per Hour Excluded from Testifying

Why would the court in the civil litigation arising out of the Volkswagen’s diesel emissions scandal exclude former FBI director Louis Freeh from testifying? Attorney Freeh, who was paid $50,000 for writing his report, and was charging $1850 per hour for court time, was excluded from testifying after a Daubert hearing. The court found the… read more

Daubert: Life Care Planner Nurse Practitioner

The U.S. District court S.D. Illinois dealt with a Daubert motion to exclude the nurse practitioner, White, and her life care plan. The court made short shrift of the portion finding White qualified and her methodology did not deviate from accepted LCP methodology. The court stated: Carol White is a nurse practitioner who has offered… read more

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