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Why Experts Should Not Accept “Last Minute” Cases

When expert witnesses accept “last minute” cases their exposure to Daubert challenges and other problems increase drastically. In a recent case in the US District Court EE California, a nurse life care planner accepted a life care planning assignment on 9/26/2018 with an expert disclosure date of 10/2/2018. As you might expect, her deposition testimony… read more

Intimidating Expert Witness

How far can an attorney go in attacking and trying to discredit an expert witness? The U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Cir dealt with an attorney who in, in a used car dispute: …went after the plaintiff’s expert witness, Donald Szczesniak. Brodsky accused Szczesniak of fabricating expert reports in this and other cases, and he… read more

Cardiology Expert Witness on Undiagnosed Myocardial Contusion Injury

By: John A. Filip, MD There are more than 6 million auto accidents each year in the United States with 3 million people inured and 2 million experiencing permanent injuries. Undiagnosed myocardial contusion injuries (MCI) in the emergency department after blunt thoracic trauma (BTT) in MVAs is a serious and life threatening situation. Myocardial Contusion… read more

Chiropractic Expert Witness on Cervical Artery Stroke & Chiropractic Cervical Spine Manipulation

Steven Brown, DC, CICE, Dipl Ac When presented with a case of cervical artery stroke allegedly associated with Chiropractic cervical spine manipulation, malpractice attorneys often want to argue direct causation. However, research studies have found that a direct cause and effect relationship between cervical spine manipulation and cervical artery stroke is not established. Malpractice attorneys… read more

Steel Erection Expert Witness: Why Should Ironworkers Tie Off?

By Homer R. Peterson II, P.E., CSP Introduction Ironworkers have the fifth highest fatality rate (33.4 per 100,000 workers) of any United States civilian worker classification. (This is according to 2017 data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.) Ironworkers who fall while tied off suffer dramatically fewer fatalities and serious injuries. OSHA Requirements… read more

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