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Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Secure Systems Expert Witness: Brief (but Broad) Highlights of the History of Digital Rights Management and the Like

By Jean Renard Ward Digital Rights Management (“DRM”) and secure software systems may be at issue in litigation concerning patent rights.   An expert witness on Digital Rights Management technologies, especially in light of the long history in this area, may be helpful in these matters. More than one person has commented that DRM does not… read more

Force Sensing and Haptics Expert Witness: A Brief Overview of Haptic Input Technologies for Touchscreens (And Other Objects)

By Jean Renard Ward “Haptics”, “force sensing” and “proximity sensing”, especially on personal devices like smartphones, may be at issue in intellectual property litigation.   In such cases a force sensing and haptics expert witness may be required. If you look up a dictionary definition for “haptic”, it just means “relating to the sense of touch”(i)…. read more

Medical device security expert witness: improving critical products

By Dr. Chris Daft Medical devices — engineering inventions to improve human health — have more than a century of history, with the global medical device market size predicted to exceed $500 billion by 2020. Most products in this market share a common feature: network connectivity.  Figure 1 shows a typical example: even something as… read more

Wearable Device Expert Witness: Here come the Hearables

By Dr. Chris Daft First, the Wearables Wearables – small electronic devices worn next to clothing to record personal data – have insinuated themselves into the lives of millions of people. After Google Glass, Fitbit and the Apple Watch, the marketplace has become crowded and designs are maturing. Capabilities such as the ability to measure… read more

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