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Hospital Expert Witness on Diagnostic Errors

By Stephen Broomes MD Introduction Diagnostic errors are a failure to provide an accurate and timely explanation of the patient’s health problems or communicate that explanation to the patient (World Health Organization). Scope of the problem: Diagnostic errors affect an estimated 12 million Americans, and likely cause more harm to patients than all other medical… read more

Intimidating Expert Witness

How far can an attorney go in attacking and trying to discredit an expert witness? The U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Cir dealt with an attorney who in, in a used car dispute: …went after the plaintiff’s expert witness, Donald Szczesniak. Brodsky accused Szczesniak of fabricating expert reports in this and other cases, and he… read more

Trigeminal Neuralgia Expert Witness: Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

By: Stephen S. Saris, MD What is Trigeminal Neuralgia? Trigeminal Neuralgia is a pain condition which is typically caused by pressure on the brain nerve (cranial nerve) that gives feeling to the side of the face. Signals travelling through this trigeminal nerve cause debilitating and life-altering shock-like facial pain that lasts from seconds to hours…. read more

Cardiology Expert Witness on Undiagnosed Myocardial Contusion Injury

By: John A. Filip, MD There are more than 6 million auto accidents each year in the United States with 3 million people inured and 2 million experiencing permanent injuries. Undiagnosed myocardial contusion injuries (MCI) in the emergency department after blunt thoracic trauma (BTT) in MVAs is a serious and life threatening situation. Myocardial Contusion… read more


James R. Kopp, M.D. EVIDENCE BASED EXPERT OPINIONS Evidence based medicine is grounded on the principle that physicians should utilize the information available in the literature to assist with treating patients and forming their expert opinions. “Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is regarded as a new paradigm in medical practice, equal in enormity to the human genome… read more


Case: Larry Stephens v. Red Rock Casino, Las Vegas Municipal Court, Regional Justice Center, Clark County, Nevada, Civil Division. Docket Number: A-09-598674-c Expert witness listed in SEAK Expert Witness Directory: Richard A. Rubenstein, M.D. Expert witness’ relevant area(s) of expertise: brain injury, anoxic brain injury, postcardiac arrest coma Verdict: $1.605 Million Date of verdict: February… read more

SEAK Neurologist Expert Witness Testifies in Back Injury Case

Case Name: Leslie Ashlyn Palmer v. Mark III Management Company, and John D. Brossard, Individually and as Administrator of the Estate of Georgia Lee Brossard.  Superior Court of Sacramento County, Sacramento, California. Expert Witness Listed in SEAK Expert Witness Directory: Richard Rubenstein, MD Date: April 24, 2013 Verdict: $90,498.98 Retaining Counsel (For Defense): Mark S…. read more

Defense Verdict: Multi-System Comorbid Medical Condition Expert Witness

Defense Verdict: Multi-System Comorbid Medical Condition Expert Witness What kind of a medical expert witness is best suited for a case involving multiple overlapping medical conditions?  An expert witness who specializes in multi-system co-morbid medical conditions. A defense verdict was reached by the jury in the case of Brissey/Wagner vs. State of Iowa #CL114852 2/2013. Brief Narrative… read more

$1.55 Million Verdict in Pennsylvania Case Where SEAK Forklift Safety Expert Witness Testifies

$1.55 Million Verdict in Pennsylvania Case Where SEAK Forklift Safety Expert Witness Testifies Case: Eugene B. Kreitz, Plaintiff, vs. Norfolk Southern Railway Company v. Gregory Poole Equipment Company and Equipment Depot, Court of Common Pleas, First Judicial District. Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. Civil Division. Docket No. 02800, March Term, 2011. Expert Witness Listed in SEAK’s Expert… read more

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