Case: Larry Stephens v. Red Rock Casino, Las Vegas Municipal Court, Regional Justice Center, Clark County, Nevada, Civil Division.

Docket Number: A-09-598674-c

Expert witness listed in SEAK Expert Witness Directory: Richard A. Rubenstein, M.D.

Expert witness’ relevant area(s) of expertise: brain injury, anoxic brain injury, postcardiac arrest coma

Verdict: $1.605 Million

Date of verdict: February 27, 2013

Counsel for plaintiff: Allen D. Bucknell, Goldberg & Osborne, 4423 East Thomas Road, Suite 3, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Other: The plaintiff collapsed from cardiac arrest in a Las Vegas casino with a shockable cardiac rhythm. The plaintiff was comatose in a public casino area with delayed application of an automated external defibrillator (AED) for over a 12-minute period of time. The plaintiff survived with cognitive impairment.

Doctor Rubenstein was retained by plaintiff’s counsel to opine on the mechanism of anoxic brain injury and its sequelae in the setting of delayed cardiopulmonary resuscitation.