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James R. Kopp, M.D. EVIDENCE BASED EXPERT OPINIONS Evidence based medicine is grounded on the principle that physicians should utilize the information available in the literature to assist with treating patients and forming their expert opinions. “Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is regarded as a new paradigm in medical practice, equal in enormity to the human genome… read more

Sex Offender Expert Witness: Child Pornography

Introduction: The incidence of viewing child pornography is increasing in both women and men. Under federal statute U.S.C sections 2251-226 the peoduction, distribution, reception, and possession of child pornography is a violation of federal law with penalties of 15-30 years in prison. Criminal Penalties When faced with a charge of producing or possession of child… read more

Diabetes Expert Witness on Hypoglycemia and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Case Report:  J.B. was a 21 year old male with longstanding Type 1 diabetes in poor control.  His blood sugars ranged from 30 to 500 throughout the week (normal 70-110), and he was not routinely checking his blood sugars multiple times daily.  J.B. typically suffered from several hypoglycemic episodes each week (defined as low blood… read more

Contact Lens Expert Witness: Report Failed to Include Testing Methodology

What happens when a Contact Lens Expert Witness fails to reveal his testing methodology in his report and reveals it for the first time during cross-examination at trial? The court, in REMBRANDT VISION TECHNOLOGIES v. Johnson & Johnson, 725 F. 3d 1377 – Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit 2013 dealt with a patient infringement claim…. read more

SEAK’s All New Expert Witness Report Writing Book

SEAK can show you how to write the highest quality expert reports and save time doing it.  Experts who write superb reports are highly valued, command premium fees, and often sail through their depositions. We are extremely proud to announce our all new report writing text, How to Write an Expert Witness Report.  Printed in… read more

What is the Best Expert Witness Database?

This is a question we receive every so often.  Is there one “best expert witness database”?  I think it depends on what type of expert witness you are. Attorneys use a variety of databases and expert directories when searching for an expert witness.  Some attorneys may also favor one database over another depending upon the… read more

10 Steps to Expand Your Expert Witness Practice

1. Improve your current image and work product. 2. Define your areas of expertise and geographic reach. 3. Position yourself as a leader in your chosen field. 4. Identify your target market. 5. Actively market your practice through networking, advertising, writing, speaking, and your web page. 6. Track your results. 7. Repeat what has worked… read more

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