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Skilled Nursing Expert Witness on: Avoidable Pressure Ulcer Development

By: Kenneth C. McCawley, RN         October 5, 2016 OVERVIEW Avoidable pressure ulcer development continues to lead negative health outcomes in skilled nursing facilities. Many of these negative health outcomes can be attributed to medical negligence.  The following statistics are in relation to pressure ulcer development: Number Affected: 2.5 million patients per year. Cost: Pressure ulcers… read more

Opioid Expert Witness on Prescribing Opioids

By: Anthony Guarino, MD Background Opioids have been available for therapeutic use for decades having previously been used primarily for cancer patients with pain (malignant pain). Long term use of these medications in patients without cancer (non-malignant) was feared because of the risk of addiction.  These treatment thoughts had changed for many physicians during the… read more

Medical Device Expert Witness: How Technology Saves Lives

By Dr. Chris Daft Engineering inventions to improve health date back at least to 1850, when the famous physicist Hermann von Helmholtz devised the ophthalmoscope. One of the first medical devices, it allows a doctor to look at the interior of a patient’s eye. In the latter part of the 20th century the pace of… read more

Psychiatric Expert Witness on Collateral Evidence in Will Contest Cases

By Karen Reimers, MD  Direct clinical examination of the testator is the basis for contemporaneous assessment of testamentary capacity. In retrospective assessments where the testator is deceased, experts rely on collateral evidence, i.e. alternative sources of data about a testator’s testamentary capacity and mental function. Retrospective Assessment In the majority of retrospective assessments of testamentary… read more

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