A colleague of mine likes to tell the following humorous war story.  He was trying a case many years ago and utilizing an accident reconstruction expert witness.  On cross examination, opposing counsel established that litigation support was pretty much the expert’s sole source of income.  So the expert was asked, “Doesn’t that then sir, make you a professional expert witness?”

The expert paused, thought and replied, “Well sir, of course it does, this in no job for an amateur.”  The jury broke up.  They loved the expert and my colleague won the case.

Your case outcome may be heavily dependent on your expert witnesses.  By using expert witnesses who have received training in the art of expert witnessing, you are more likely to have an expert who:

  • Stays within their true area of expertise
  • Conducts a thorough investigation
  • Understands how to operate in an environment where discovery is a constant issue
  • Forms defensible opinions
  • Understands the ethical requirements of expert witnesses
  • Writes clear and defensible reports
  • Uses a methodology that will stand up in court and understands the Daubert factors
  • Understands the litigation process and their own proper role in the process
  • Understands key legal concepts and terms
  • Tells you what you need to hear, as opposed to what they think you want to hear
  • Excels at deposition and trial.

Using a well-trained expert witness should help your case.  Expert witness training is available for experts of all disciplines from SEAK, Inc., the expert witness training company.

For more information please visit www.testifyingtraining.com.  Before you hire your next expert, ask them what training they have had as an expert witness.