Many expert witnesses make the mistake of thinking that the best way to expand their expert witness practice is developing a slick, expensive web site designed by someone who is used to selling products or services to the general public.  Due to the nature of the expert witness marketplace, this approach is usually a waste of time and money. It is also likely to be counterproductive.

How do you build and market an expert witness practice?  Expert witness business development is best when a holistic approach is taken by:

* Finding a niche or subset of your specialty that you can drill down on and concentrating on this niche.

* Search engine optimizing your web site, social media web presence, publications and talks to match your niches and help yourself get found.

* Making sure your CV is bullet-proof without mistakes so that it is not losing you business.

* Concentrating on the entire 24-7 experience that lawyers have in dealing with you during the assignment and making sure this builds positive word of mouth.

* Making sure your website is not turning off potential lawyers and new clients.

* Having a past report critiqued on a line-by-line basis by an attorney so that you can improve your report writing.

* Analyzing where your cases are coming from, and the types of cases you would like to obtain.

* Having a past deposition transcript critiqued on a line-by-line basis so you can improve your deposition performance.

* Developing a robust quality control process to assure the highest quality work product.

* Listing yourself in two or three of the leading expert directories to reach as many potential new clients as possible.

* Identifying and connecting with the specific lawyers who deal with your niche area.



Expert witnesses who follow the above holistic approach to how to market a forensic practice are those who are the most likely to see their expert witness practices expand.