• Expert witnesses who feel comfortable with advertising should strongly consider advertising because it can be a very good way to develop business.

o The benefits of effective expert witness advertising usually far outweigh the costs because expert witness advertising is typically relatively inexpensive.

o The fear many experts have about an advertisement being used against them is mostly misplaced.
o There will generally be little effective backlash from an expert witness ad that is tasteful and factual.

• Expert Witness ads should be kept short and factual.
o Include a flattering photo if possible. Attorneys will want to know what you look like.
o Avoid puffery and subjective characterizations.
o Include effective and easy-to-find contact information.
o Do not claim to be an expert in numerous areas. Jacks-of-all-trades are a turnoff to lawyers.
o Include information that indicates your experience as an expert witness.
o Carefully draft the words in your ad so that you will be found easily in an expert directory index or in an online search. Think of different permutations and key words that a searching attorney may use.

o Beware of new or thinly populated expert witness directories.
o The more paid experts in a directory, the better because lawyers are more likely to frequently use such a directory as a resource.
• Experiment with different media, track your results, and give your ads a fair chance before you conclude that they do not work.

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