Computer Forensics Expert Witness Fees

Excerpted from the SEAK National Guide to Expert Witness Fees and Billing Procedures


Trial testimony hourly fee high: $400

Trial testimony hourly fee low: $250

Trial testimony hourly fee average: $333

Trial testimony hourly fee median: $350

File review/prep hourly fee high: $350

File review/prep hourly fee low: $200

File review/prep hourly fee average: $283

File review/prep hourly fee median: $300

Deposition hourly fee high: $400

Deposition hourly fee low: $250

Deposition hourly fee average: $333

Deposition hourly fee median: $350

Charge minimum hours for deposition: 67%

Charge minimum hours for trial: 67%

Have raised rates in last five years: 100%

Work decreased after increase: 0%

Have cancellation fee/policy: 100%

Require up-front retainer: 100%

Average retainer: $3,683

Retainers nonrefundable: 67%

Require advance payment for deposition: 67%

Bill travel portal-to-portal: 100%

Require counsel to sign written contract: 67%

Retaining counsel delinquent last five years: 67%

Opposing counsel delinquent last five years: 0%

Faced unsuccessful Daubert/Frye challenge: 33%

Faced successful Daubert/Frye challenge: 33%

Not challenged under Daubert/Frye: 33%

Most common level of education: High School and Masters and Doctoral

Average years testifying: 17