This is a question we receive every so often.  Is there one “best expert witness database”?  I think it depends on what type of expert witness you are. Attorneys use a variety of databases and expert directories when searching for an expert witness.  Some attorneys may also favor one database over another depending upon the type/specialty of the expert they are looking for.  For example, if an attorney is looking for a Banking Expert Witness they may search one expert database, and if they need a medical expert they may use a different database.

The takeaway is that as an expert witness, you want to list with expert witness databases, which have a large number of paying experts (as they are more likely to be used by attorneys), those that are reputable, have solid customer service and those that stand behind their product.

Nobody can tell you with absolute certainty what will and will not work for you. Try out different media. Track your results and see what happens. Be sure to give each test sufficient time.

Also, remember how much a new client can be worth. Advertising can be extremely cost-effective because the out of-pocket costs are often low, the time involved is limited, and even a single client can be extremely valuable and generate direct and referral business for years to come.