Excerpted from How to Become an Expert Witness: SEAK’s A-Z Guide to Expert Witnessing

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Expert Witness Head on Attacks on Credibility

ð      Isn’t it a fact that your professional license was suspended in 2014 in the State of Florida?

ð      You were convicted of perjury in 2002, weren’t you?

ð      You were censured in 2013 by your professional organization for giving misleading expert testimony, weren’t you?

ð      You have lied many times in your life, haven’t you?

ð      Are you the same [name of expert] whose expert opinion was found to be “wholly unreliable” by US District Judge Smith of New York?


Expert Witness Learned Treatises

ð      Do you consider [such and such source] to be authoritative?

ð      Do you agree or disagree with the following statement from [such and such source]?


Expert Witness Investigation/Research

ð      You didn’t have all the time you needed to do a proper job in this case, did you?

ð      You never reviewed [such and such document], did you?

ð      You never visited the accident scene, did you?

ð      You never read [so and so’s] deposition, did you?

ð      You never personally did [such and such], did you?

ð      You never were provided with [such and such document], were you?

ð      You never even asked to do [such and such], did you?

ð      There are bugs in the computer program you used, aren’t there?

ð      Your opinion is based on a number of assumptions, isn’t it?

ð      You cherry picked only the supportive studies, didn’t you?

ð      You intentionally destroyed the notes you took in this case, didn’t you?


Expert Witness Testing

ð      There were other tests you could have performed, weren’t there?

ð      Is [such and such] one of the tests you could have performed?

ð      You never performed [such and such test], did you?


Hired Gun/Professional Expert Witness

ð      You are being paid $500 an hour to be here today, aren’t you?

ð      You are making over $200,000 a year serving as an expert witness, aren’t you?

ð      You are here, because you are paid to be here, right?

ð      You actively seek out more expert witness assignments, don’t you?

ð      Is this a copy of your listing in SEAK’s National Directory of Expert Witnesses?

ð      You are listed with several expert witness referral services, aren’t you?

ð      You are a professional expert witness, aren’t you?


Expert Witness Bias

ð      100% of your expert witness work is on behalf of defendants, isn’t it?

ð      You have been retained by retaining counsel on dozens of other cases, haven’t you?

ð      If plaintiff loses this case, isn’t it a fact that you are highly unlikely to collect all the fees that you are owed?

ð      The defendant is a friend of yours, isn’t he?

ð      You own a large chunk of stock of the plaintiff’s company, don’t you?

ð      You would like the plaintiff to prevail, wouldn’t you?

ð      You live over 1,500 miles from here, don’t you?

ð      As a Democrat, you believe in wealth redistribution, don’t you?

ð      As a Republican, you believe in tort reform, don’t you?

ð      You state on your web page do you not, quote, “Call me today and I’ll help you win your case” unquote, don’t you?


Expert Witness Impeachment

ð      Did you state at your deposition [such and such which is inconsistent with what you are saying today]?

ð      Did you write in [article] [such and such which is inconsistent with what you are saying today]?

ð      Did you write in [your report] [such and such which is inconsistent with what you are saying today]?


Influence of Retaining Counsel on the Expert Witness

ð      You used those words in your report because retaining counsel asked you to use them, isn’t that right?

ð      Counsel had you on a budget, didn’t he?

ð      You told counsel exactly what he wanted to hear, didn’t you?

ð      Retaining counsel helped you write your report, didn’t he?


Expert Witness Qualifications

ð      You don’t have [such and such credential] do you?

ð      You flunked your boards the first two times you took them, didn’t you?

ð      You are a jack of all trades, master of none, aren’t you?

ð      You have never published in your field, have you?

ð      You have never been invited to present on this topic, have you?

ð      You hold zero academic appointments, isn’t that correct?

ð      You were a mediocre student, weren’t you?

ð      You have never won any awards in your field, have you?

ð      You haven’t any real world experience in this field in the last ten years, do you?

ð      You are not really an expert in this area are you?

ð      Even you would agree that our expert witness [Ms. So and So] is more qualified than you?


 Methodology of Your Expert Witness 

ð      Your theory in this case was specifically developed for litigation purposes, wasn’t it?

ð      Would you agree with me that your methodology is not generally accepted in the field?

ð      You weren’t able to calculate a margin of error, were you?

ð      Your methodology has never been subjected to peer review and publication, has it?

ð      You never built a prototype of your proposed alternative design, did you?

ð      You extrapolated, didn’t you?

ð      You never ruled out [such and such alternative explanation], did you?

ð      Your math is just plain wrong, isn’t it?

ð      You didn’t comply with [such and such professional standard] in this case, did you?


Expert Witness Opinions

ð      You are not 100% sure of your opinion, are you?

ð      You can’t provide any objective justification for that opinion, can you?

ð      You are just saying what retaining counsel is paying you to say, isn’t that true?

ð      You formed your opinion before you had all relevant information, didn’t you?

ð      Your opinion is exaggerated, isn’t it?

ð      Your opinion is the same in every case, isn’t it?


Your Expert Witness Report

ð      Are you aware of the 27 different mistakes in your report?

ð      Your reports from other cases are in many ways identical to your report in the case, aren’t they?

ð      Retaining counsel asked you to use those words in your report, didn’t he?

ð      And you used those words despite not fully understanding what they mean, didn’t you?

ð      You weren’t under oath when you wrote your report, were you?

ð      Am I correct in assuming that you have heard of the expression “it wasn’t documented it wasn’t done?”


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