Carbon Monoxide (CO) Toxicity Expert Witness/ Consultant Discusses:

5 Crucial Characteristics of an Expert Witness Consultant in Carbon Monoxide Toxicity

  1. Experience with the clinical presentation of Carbon Monoxide toxicity that range from headache, flu like symptoms to seizure, movement disorders and death but may mimic many common illnesses.
  2. Familiarity with the assessment of CO toxicity; carboxyhemoglobin (HbCO) levels, its half- life and how this is affected by oxygen via nasal cannula and hyperbaric treatments; as well as the fact that smokers may have baseline elevation of HBCO
  3. Understanding that when HBCO is abnormal, presentations may vary depending on preexisting health conditions and that prognosis is not always associated with higher levels.
  4. Awareness that CO toxicity may involve many organ systems, heart, kidney and brain.
  5. Understanding about how to formulate a differential diagnosis, determine causation by considering chronology; past medical, occupational, family and social history; other explanations for a medical presentation, and how confirmatory examination, neurophysiological and neuropsychological testing may be used in this process.
    About the Author:Jonathan S Rutchik, MD, MPH, FACOEM is an Occupational and Environmental Neurologist. He is board certified in both Neurology and Occupational and Environmental Medicine and fellowship trained in Clinical Neurotoxicology.

    Dr. Rutchik is an Associate Clinical Professor at University of California at San Francisco.

    He provides clinical evaluations and treatment, including electromyography, of individuals and populations with suspected neurological illness secondary to workplace injuries or chemical exposure; solvents, metals, gases, mold and pesticides. Dr. Rutchik is also a California Qualified and Agreed Medical Examiner and is licensed in CA, NY, MA, NM and ID. For more information view his website:; Email: or Call: (415) 381-3133.

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