Attorney Quentin Brogdon recently spoke at the SEAK National Expert Witness Conference on Surviving Cross Examination: How Not to Be Embarrassed.

He suggested that expert witnesses not fall into one of the following 17 categories:

1.     “Just tell me what I need to say.”
2.     Problems communicating.
3.     Struck by other courts.
4.     No response to communications
5.     Offended by “due diligence.”
6.     Brag about verdicts.
7.     Conspicuously drop names.
8.     Only expressed opinions in litigation.
9.     Send ill-advised emails.
10.  Have inappropriate internet postings.
11.  Promise unrealistic expertise.
12.  Tell you how lucky you are.
13.  Demand motion to modify scheduling order.
14.  Promise the moon.
15.  Play lawyer.
16.  Evasive about budgets or tasks.
17.  Unwilling or unable to comply with guidance re: their role in the case.