By Steven Babitsky, Esq.

As a result of the pandemic expert witnesses are facing many challenges including the postponement of assignments,depositions and trials. After taking care of their family and themselves. what can expert witnesses do during this period? Here are some suggestions for using this time productively;

  1. Update your CV and website

Many experts put off this important updating due to the crush of other business.This is an excellent time to get this done.

  1. Write that article or blog posts

Experts can write that article or blog posts that they have meant to get to. Getting these written will help you hit the ground running when things get back to normal.

  1. Catch up on all reports and other work

Many experts have work that will have to be done in the future.This might include: reviewing records, reading transcripts, and writing reports.This is the perfect time to catch up and even get ahead of the curve.

  1. Lifetime Learning

Expert witnesses frequently tell me they wish they had time to read expert witness textbooks on report writing, depositions, testifying etc. This is a great time to continue your expert witness education and polish up those skills.  In addition, experts can use this time to expand their knowledge base with one-on-one consultations done remotely.These can all make you a better informed and valuable expert witness,

  1. Preparing for Depositions, Hearings & Trials

While many of your depositions and hearings may have been postponed this is an excellent opportunity to use this downtime to get prepared for them. At the conclusion of this pandemic there is likely to be a crush of these depositions and trials. Now is an excellent time to get your preparation done and in place.


Any downtime for expert witnesses can and should be used productively. The above are just a few suggestions for using this time effectively. Experts may have many other projects they have been putting off. This is the perfect time to get these done.

Steven Babitsky Esq. is the president of SEAK Inc the testifying training company. He can be reached at or 508-548-9443.