Expert witnesses should anticipate and be able to effectively deal with numerous areas of inquiry at their deposition. Here are some of the areas all experts should prepare for.

Advertising: What advertising or marketing have you done?

Bias: What biases can you be accused of (e.g. fees, hired fun, personnel, plaintiff/defense, political, etc.).

Credibility: Has your credibility over been successfully challenged?

CV: Is your CV up-to-date, completely accurate, and free of exaggerations or misleading characterizations?

Ethics: Have you followed the ethical standards of the organizations you belong to?

File: Have you produced your complete and entire file?

Impeachment: Have you written, posted, or given lectures inconsistent with your current position?

Investigation: Have you done a complete, thorough, and unbiased investigation?

Involvement in the Case: When were you first contacted and retained?

Methodology: Have you followed accepted methodology and are you able to explain this in an articulate fashion?

Money: Are your fees and billing procedures fair and reasonable?

Opinions: What opinions will you be offering and what will you not be opining on?

Qualifications: What makes you qualified to offer opinions in this case?

Report: Is your report accurate and do you stand by all of your conclusions?

Retaining Counsel: What interactions have you had with retaining counsel and what influence have they had in the forming of your opinions?

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