Attorney Quentin Brogdon of Dallas, TX recently spoke on Surviving Cross-Examination at the SEAK National Expert Witness Conference.

He recommended that attorneys interview potential expert witnesses to avoid cross-examination problems.

Here are the 13 key questions that need to be asked and answered by expert witnesses:

1.  “Are you the best expert witness?”
2.  “What makes you qualified?”
3.  “Ever been prevented from testifying?”
4.  Anticipate expert deadline causing any problem?”
5.   “What do you need?”
6.   “Ever testified for or against opposing party?”
7.   Ask about publications, testimony, Internet, speaking, memberships, criminal record, disciplinary history, and representations about expertise.
8.   “Typically work with other experts?”
9.   Daubert questions.
10. Ratio of litigation work.
11.  Explain need to communicate misgivings.
12.  Ask about opposing expert witnesses.
13.  “How do you prefer to communicate?”

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